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The Skilled Trades Shortage Panel Discussion
The skilled trades industry needs the following 90,000 welders per year through 2027 80,000 electricians per year through 2030 550,000 plumbers by 2027
Misconceptions in the Skilled Trades
Did you know that plumbers, electricians, and welders can make as much as some doctors? And for a lot less school time and very little student debt.
Tape Measure Secrets and Tips
Today we’re looking at some hidden features on your tape measure. But there’s more to this tool that many people don’t know about Here are a few hidden features you’ll find within in your tape measure.
Rethink Workplace Safety: A Deeper Look at Job Risks
Ever complained about a tough day at work? Ever felt like you're in the riskiest job? Think again. Let me share something that might make you see things differently. “Safety doesn't happen by accident.” The Unseen Dangers in the Construction Industry Last year, the construction industry topped the charts in a category no one wants to lead: fatalities. Over 1,000 deaths were recorded, translating to 9.5 fatalities per 100,000 full-time workers.
How To Get Into The Welding Trade
Did you know we're facing a massive challenge? We're on a mission to recruit 360,000 new welders by 2027. That's a whopping 90,000 exciting welding opportunities waiting to be seized every year between 2023-2027. 💪 But here's the twist - only 5% of these skilled warriors are women. It's time to break stereotypes and pave the way for a more diverse welding community! ⚠️ Brace yourself! Over 155,000 seasoned welders are on the verge of retirement. The torch is passing, and we need the next generation to rise to the occasion. 🚀 Join us for a groundbreaking episode where we've got two powerhouses in the welding realm: 🌟 Joe Young, Senior Manager of Workforce Development at AWS Foundation, bringing invaluable insights. 🔥 Matt Scott, the Welding Instructor from Portland Community College, sharing his expertise and passion for the craft.

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