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One teacher is changing the path for kids in the trades.

Evin Jarrett teaches 10, 11, and 12 year old's elements of plumbing, carpentry, electrical work and masonry every day at Mayfair Elementary School.

Students are exploring careers and technology early.

Evin Jarrett

Evin Jarrett AKA "Dope Teacher" guides students through hands-on projects.

Helping them master valuable skills that typically aren't taught until high school.

Jarrett’s program, though technically a "career exploration" program.

Offers students the chance to earn certifications.

Engage with guest speakers from various trades. 

Gaining skills that are typically reserved for adults and building confidence in their abilities.

The program fosters a collaborative and inclusive learning space.

Evin Jarrett dope students podcast

Helping students with diverse backgrounds and academic levels excel. 

The success of this initiative highlights the importance of integrating career and technical education into middle schools. 

It helps students make more informed choices about their future.

Teachers like Mr. Jarrett are changing the game for the skilled trades.

Let's continue supporting programs like Jarrett's that empower students and sets them up for long-term success!

What more convincing do you need to join the movement for the trades.

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