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How 9/11 Made Me Join the Trades | The Trade Talks
When the Twin Towers were hit on 9/11, Andrew Brown was an IT geek who found himself racing through checkpoints in his friend's truck, heading toward ground zero. It was there that he understood the vital importance of tradesmen. Two weeks later, he quit his job and now owns, an e-commerce website with over 150,000 products across 7 different categories.
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Weld Wednesday w/AWS Building the Trades with Andrew Brown
In this month’s episode I’m chatting with Andrew Brown from @toolfetch we discuss his journey from being in IT back in 2001 and how one event changed his entire trajectory. He’s now a huge skilled trades advocate and promotes skilled trades across social media to help drive conversations about the skilled trade shortage.
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Building Tomorrow: Advocating for Skilled Trades with Andrew Brown
In this episode of the podcast, host David Johnson delves into the critical topic of advocating for skilled trades and nurturing the next generation of workers. Joined by Andrew Brown, an entrepreneur deeply embedded in the trades community, they explore Andrew's journey sparked by the events of 9/11, which led him to champion the trades. Together, they uncover the pressing need to address labor shortages as seasoned workers retire, challenge negative perceptions deterring young talent, and stress the significance of fostering a supportive culture and work-life balance to attract skilled workers.
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Straight Outta Crumpton: How Toolfetch Helps Skill Trades
Not everyone recognizes the great things workers in the trade industry bring to our everyday lives. Skill trades and those who work as tradespeople help our infrastructure and make the buildings and roads we use every day. However, there are only so many people working in skill trades in the USA, with a recent static finding there are over 4,427 (96% of whom are men). As a result, it can be hard to get the word on how helpful these blue-collar workers are.
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9/11 Changed His Life, From IT on Wall Street to the Skilled Trades - Andrew Brown
Today we have someone on the show that has only been creating content around the skilled trades for about 4 months, but burst onto the scene. Andrew Brown of Tool Fetch joins us on the show today to talk a little shop about the importance of the skilled trades.
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Q&A with Andrew Brown, Co-founder of and Advocate for the Trades
A few months ago, we started watching a series of videos promoting the skilled trades posted on LinkedIn by Andrew Brown. “What if all the skilled tradesmen actually disappeared,” he asks in one recent video, which then goes on to show him making a half-hearted attempt to clear a clogged toilet only to quickly lament that he needs a plumber.
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Promoting the Skilled Trades
The story of Andrew Brown’s life in construction starts on September 11, 2001. Andrew was a 23-year-old IT worker on Wall Street. When the towers fell, Andrew and a friend decided that they had to help. They headed toward Ground Zero and somehow made it through all of the checkpoints.
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How one CEO is leading a movement
When America starts filling its skills gap by having moreyoung people work in the skilled trades, it will be because of Andrew Brown andpeople like him. Andrew is CEO and founder of Toolfetch, a company that sellstools to the men and women who make civilized life possible.
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MDM Podcast: Debunking Skilled Trade Myths with Toolfetch’s Andrew Brown
We chat with co-founder Andrew Brown to dispel misconceptions about the skilled trades, why he’s so passionate about supporting them and how they tie in with distribution.

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