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Inspiring the Next Generation

What is STAC?

STAC exists to combat the current skilled trades labor crisis in the U.S. and Canada by fostering a renewed respect for these essential careers - ultimately attracting more individuals to pursue a career in the trades. As a 501c3 STAC is uniting an industry. STAC will support and elevate other nonprofit organizations, causes, individuals, and companies that are aligned with STAC’s pursuit to grow the skilled trades.

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Year Founded


Supported Skilled Trades


Events & Schools Attended


Founding Members

Rob Almond

NEST | Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Brown | Owner

Sarah Hammond

Atlas Electrical, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, & Plumbing | President

Sara Angus

Starbucks | Director of Construction

Kam Washington

PMA Construction | Owner

Julie Starzynski

Floor & Decor | Director of Construction & Design

Kate Cinnamo

Explore the Trades | Executive Director

Mary Gaffney

GEM Mechanical Services | President

Mónica Muñoz

Davita Kidney Care | Senior Director of Capital Programs

National Advocates for Skilled Trades

Meet the STAC Council

STAC Foundation

Advocating for the Future of Trades

Group of 3 high school students wearing skilled trades clothes.

Our Mission

We Need Tradespeople. Period.

The Skilled Trades Advisory Council (STAC) is a group of national advocates who have aligned to address a current crisis in North America. STAC’s founding advisors leverage their resources, knowledge, and network to elevate the skilled trades as high-paying, honorable, and often heroic career paths, including electrical, plumbing, HVAC, janitorial, construction, and other essential jobs that require a rejuvenated workforce.

Female high school student sitting on top of woodworking work bench with overalls on.
Male black high school student with arms crossed posing for camera with automotive tools in the background.
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