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The skilled trades shortage has a solution: women

We have over 650,000 open trades jobs today and women represent only 4% of the workforce in construction.

First, we need stop with the old adage that:

❌"Women don't like getting dirty."

❌"Women lack emotional strength for trades."

❌"Women aren't interested in these jobs."

❌"Women can't handle physical labor like men."

We all need to evolve past the old stigma of thinking and let women decide what they can and can't do.. ✔️

We need provide women with the support they need to succeed in the trades. 

With over 40% of people in the trades retiring in the next 5- 10 years.

Women have a unique opportunity to learn the trades, earn 6 figures and make a difference in the industry.

We are you waiting for join the trades today.

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