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Williamson College of the Trades is one of a kind.

It's free, kids graduate with zero debt, obtain a trade skill and a job.

I visited Williamson College of the Trades and took a tour of this amazing facility.

Josh Kirkpatrick my tour guide a graduating senior is becoming a carpenter.

He has aspirations of owning his own business one day. 

What makes this college extraordinary is its holistic approach. 

Beyond teaching trade skills, Williamson College emphasizes moral. 

Religious values, athletic opportunities, and recreational activities to shape students into well-rounded individuals.

The college is dedicated to excellence. 

Students present themselves in jackets and ties each morning.

Instilling a sense of discipline and professionalism. 

Although many come with little, the college provides them with essentials through donations.

The academics are customized to each trade area, offering tailored courses in math, English, and science. 

For example, power plant students dive deep into calculus.

While landscape management students focus on geometry for design work.

The Leader Development Program is another standout aspect. 

Seniors mentor freshmen, ex: teaching them how to run a job site and work as a team. 

This program fosters a strong sense of camaraderie and brotherhood among students.

Graduates leave with multiple job offers and no debt, paving the way for successful futures. 

Companies from across the country compete to hire these talented individuals at the college's annual career fair.

Williamson College encourages its students to pay it forward by inviting their employers back to hire future graduates.

I was truly inspired by the college's emphasis on education, character development, and community. 

The close relationships among students and faculty create a supportive environment that fosters lifelong connections.

Williamson College of the Trades is a shining example of investing in the next generation of skilled tradesmen. 

Thank you to Mike Rounds Michael Neville Mary Rayer and the entire staff for a memorable experience.

Let's celebrate the meaningful impact this institution is making on the future!

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